Apartments Caterina - Poreč

How to reach us

Our house is a village household, immersed in the area of lush vineyards and olive groves, surrounding the town of Porec. It is called "stanzia" Bergamante, and it is known for it's magnificent centennial pinery, situated in it's very yard, being the symbol of authenticity of our household. Exceptional quietness that you can actually feel, close contact with nature, vicinity of the town (5 minutes by car), intertwined with magnificent and beautiful views of the area are our strong points in offering our guests lodging with the view all the way to the sea.

Upon request, our lodging offer can be extended to include breakfast, with typical, homemade products, such as berry marmalade, figs, fish, istrian "prosciutto", homemade bread etc.

A vacation at Caterina's, beside the sea, quietness, typical local products and the surrounding nature can also offer our guests the rich cultural experience, characterized by thousand years old history and local customs of the town of Porec, as well as that of it's surrounding villages.

Where we are

We are situated along the road leading from Poreè to Vrsar. 50 meters after the junction leading to PLAVA LAGUNA, one should take a first turn left, following the road for approximately 500 meters, where one will be able to see an enormous centennial pinery in the yard.
Once you reach the yard, you have arrived at Caterina's.




Apartmani Caterina, St. Bergamante 9, 52 440 Poreč, Mob:098 173 92 80, Tel:052 451 748

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